Associate in Science-Transfer (AS-T)

For most majors in engineering and science the associate degree based on the statewide agreement called the Associate in Science-Transfer (AS-T) degree works best for students. Degrees structured under the AS-T umbrella provide:

  • Priority admissions consideration at public universities for most science and engineering majors ahead of non-degreed transfers.
  • Completion of similar lower division general education requirements as first- and second-year university students in engineering or science-based fields,
  • Credit for all courses completed within the AS-T up to and in some cases beyond 90 credits,
  • Opportunity to complete math and science prerequisites for the chosen major.
  • Opportunity to explore other fields within the electives included in the degree.

Associate in Science-Transfer (Track 1)pdf
Biological Sciences, Environmental/Resource Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, and Earth Science

Associate in Science-Transfer (Track 2)pdf
Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, and Atmospheric Sciences

  • On September 18, 2008 the Higher Education Coordinating Board, based on a recommendation from the higher education community, updated the original 2000 AS-T track 2 agreement such that it:
  • Removes the requirement of a minimum of four credits of computer programming in the Associate of Science Transfer (AS-T) Degree #2 (thus reducing the pre-major program requirements from 29 to 25 and increasing the electives from 31 to 35).
  • Removes a clarifying sentence about the need for a “design component” to meet ABET accreditation requirements because the accreditation requirement has changed.
  • Includes 2005 agreement language regarding acceptance of social science and humanities credits.
  • All changes effective for students accepted in transfer for fall 2009.

AS-T Based Pre-Teacher Preparation Programs - Tracks 1 and 2

AS-T Based Major Related Programs (MRP) - Track 2

Engineering MRP Pathwayspdf
Approved by public and private universities offering engineering degrees. Revised Summer 2008, Effective Fall 2009. These pathways are:

  • AS-T in Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering MRP
  • AS-T Computer and Electrical Engineering MRP
  • AS-T Mechanical/Civil/Aeronautical/Industrial/ Materials Science Engineering MRP

Engineering Technology MRP Pathwaysword
Expanded detail for engineering technology based on the AS-T, Track 2, approved by CWU, EWU, and WWU in fall 2006. These pathways are:

  • AS-T EET/CTE (Electronics Engineering Tech Computer Engineering Tech) MRP
  • AS-T MET (Mechanical Engineering Tech) MRP

Additional MRP Pathways based on the DTA


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