Assessment Liaisons

Job Description

The college assessment liaisons are the primary campus contacts for the Outcomes Assessment Office of the State Board, serving as the central conduit for information to and from the State Board regarding the statewide post secondary education assessment initiative. In this role, the liaison is generally expected to provide leadership coordination for the college’s efforts to engage in outcomes assessment related activities. Each campus defines its own selection process for assessment liaisons as well as well as precise expectations for the liaison’s role in institutional assessment activities. In general, however, the responsibilities for people serving as liaisons over the past few years have been as follows:


  • Provide leadership and support for college-wide outcomes assessment efforts including some level of responsibility for managing the college assessment budget.
  • Serve as a campus resource for faculty, staff, administrators, and students interested in understanding and/or pursuing issues related to outcomes assessment. Facilitate substantive and public campus discussion about assessment and its connection to improved teaching/learning.
  • Help organize and facilitate college response to statewide initiatives focused on outcomes assessment and other related innovation programs as appropriate.


  • Attend regular liaison retreats/meetings (three overnight retreats in fall, winter and spring, including a dinner meeting at the spring assessment conference).
  • Provide ongoing information to the state assessment coordinator about major campus assessment activities; e.g., copies of campus newsletters, fliers regarding major campus events, meeting minutes, etc., as well as an annual summary status report.
  • Disseminate information received from state office to campus as appropriate; e.g., meeting announcements, research summaries, provocative articles that might serve as a conversation stimulus for a faculty group or assessment committee, etc.
  • Participate in statewide efforts depending upon interest and availability; e.g., conference planning committee, retreat planning groups, etc.
  • Solicit and recruit participants for major statewide activities (retreats, annual conference, assessment projects).
  • Contribute news items and/or short articles to Washington Assessment Group newsletter.



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