Civil Rights Compliance Reviews

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Federal regulations require all recipients of federal funds offering or administering vocational education programs to comply with federal civil rights laws. The SBCTC has been designated the state agency required to monitor the community and technical college system.

Who Gets Reviewed?

The SBCTC is required to develop a risk-based assessment to determine which colleges to review each year. These must include five community colleges and one technical college each biennium. The SBCTC Targeting PlanPDF shows how the colleges are picked.

What Does a Civil Rights Review Look Like?

A typical review lasts about three days and consists of SBCTC staff reviewing facilities & documents and interviewing staff on campus. The SBCTC's letter describing their findings (LOF) should be completed in approximately 30 days. The college is then required to submit a Voluntary Compliance Plan (VCP) to the SBCTC, describing their plan to address the issues found. The VCP is due within 60 days of the date of the LOF.

Civil Rights Compliance Review Documents

What Happens Next?

Once a VCP has been received and approved, SBCTC staff will continue to monitor college completion of the solutions provided in the VCP. The federal Office of Civil Rights has made it clear that SBCTC staff must physically observe modifications made to address areas of non-compliance, which requires a follow-up visit to the college.

The SBCTC is required, at the end of each biennium, to submit a report detailing each review performed, including Letters of Finding, Voluntary Compliance Plans, and follow-up monitoring documents.

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