What is Your Plan? Will it be Enough?

As a state employee, you signed up for a mandatory retirement plan when you started. Below are brief descriptions and connections to web sites where you can track both the performance of your plan as a whole and your individual retirement accumulation.

Tip: Even in these difficult economic times, most financial advisors suggest you consider putting away savings over and above your required pension contributions. It saves you taxes now and builds a nest egg for the future. Several ways to save include the Washington State Deferred Compensation Plan or a Supplemental TIAA-CREF plan.

Retirement Plans

Retirement Plan Resources

  • TRS/Plans 1, 2, and 3
    Plan Sponsor: Washington State Department of Retirement Systems
    Type of Plan:  Defined Benefit; (Plan 3 is a hybrid plan.)
    Supplemental Contribution Plan Available?  Yes
    Available to:  Classified, Faculty, Admin & Exempt
  • Washington State Higher Education Retirement Plan (HERP) / TIAA - CREF
    Plan Sponsor: Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund
    Type of Plan: Defined Contribution; (Annuity Available)
    Supplemental Contribution Plan Available? Yes
    Available to: Faculty, Admin & Exempt (Supplemental for Classified)
  • Social Security Insurance
    Plan Sponsor: U.S. Social Security Administration
    Type of Plan:  Defined Benefit
    Supplemental Contribution Plan Available?  No
    Available to:  Mandatory for most employees
  • AARP Retirement Calculator
    Calculate how much you need to save to retire.
  • Retirement Toolkit pdf
    U.S. Department of Labor's online retirement toolkit in cooperation with Social Security Administration, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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Disclaimer - Information contained on this web page is intended to be used as a reference guide for use by Washington State Community and Technical College benefit eligible employees. Please consult plans and/or providers for information regarding benefits and plan specifics.

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