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Following are links to instructions for running the indicated DataExpress procedures. This list represents only a partial listing of the catalogued procedures that are available on the HP3000 in the INFORM group, PLIB account. To obtain a complete list of available procedures, see Running the Procedure Catalog.

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FAS Procedures

Document/Description Last Updated
SM9001RPDF - Screen 1 Student Master Data 04/10/2002
SM9003RWord - Mailing label information based on TRACK-DTL and STD-AWD-DTL 02/17/2009
SM9004RWord - Mailing label information based on TRACK-DTL and STD-AWD-DTL. Formatted for printing. Includes SSN and YR-SES. 02/17/2009
SM9101RPDF - Complete Withdrawals after 10th Day (Part 1: Extract) 04/10/2002
SM9102RPDF - Complete Withdrawals after 10th Day (Part 2: Report) 04/10/2002
SM9103RPDF - Complete Drops Before 10th Day (Part 1: Extract) 11/07/2003
SM9104RPDF - Complete Drops Before 10th Day (Part 2: Report) 11/07/2003
SM9400RPDF - Customer Accounts Sponsorships with Financial Aid Awards 02/09/1998
SM9701RPDF - Students without NEED01 Record to Exclude From FISAP 08/30/2002
SM9805RPDF - Academic Progress 02/09/1998
SM9806RPDF - Calculated and Awarded State Need Grant 02/09/1998
SM9807RPDF - Identify Students by Student Budget Code and Award Code 09/01/2010
SM9809RPDF - SNG Ineligible Independent Students Enrolled Less than Halftime with Worksheet B Income 10/19/2007
SM9813RPDF - Student Financial Details Listing 02/09/1998
SM9814RPDF - Financial Aid Expenditure Summary (Year-to-Date) 01/29/1991
SM9815RPDF - Financial Aid Expenditure Detail (Not Year-to-Date) 01/29/1991
SM9816RPDF - File Labels From Tracking Selection 02/09/1998
SM9824RPDF - General Extract - Student Award Detail
SM9825RPDF - Award Detail and Unduplicated Count 07/28/2010
SM9845RPDF - Session Enrollment Codes and Actual Enrollments 02/09/1998
SM9846RPDF - Annual Enrollment Code and Actual Enrollment 02/09/1998
SM9881RPDF - Accepted FISAP Awards and Did Not Attend 02/17/1998
SM9882RPDF - Attempted Hours and Student Intent 08/08/2003
SM9887RPDF - Session Enrollment Codes and Actual Enrollments 02/09/1998
SM9888RPDF - Credit Completion and Program Intent by Award Code 02/25/1998
SM9890RPDF - General Extract - Tracking Detail 03/17/1998
SM9895RPDF - Students With Dependents for SNG DCA Funds 06/30/1998
SM9898RPDF - State Need Grant Archival Check Report 02/16/2011
SM9899RPDF - Attendance 02/09/1998


FMS Procedures

Document/Description Last Updated
BM1747RPDF - Students Receiving IRS Tuition Statement  
BM1745REPDF - Payment vs. Qualification Details for IRS Tuition Statement  
BM1745RIPDF - Ineligible IRS Tuition Statement Students  
FM0001PDF - GL Download to FA  
FM0002PDF - FinAid Download to Append to GL 12/07/1998
FM0003PDF - FM0001 and FM0002 to FM0002S 12/07/1998
FM0004PDF - GL/FA Exception Report 12/14/1998


PPMS Procedures

Document/Description Last Updated
PS0205XPDF - DataExpress Extract File for Use with Job PS0205J (On-Request Personnel Action Forms) 08/10/2009
PS0210XPDF - DataExpress Extract File for Use with PS0210J (On-Request Benefits Coverage Letters) 01/03/2012
PS0510XPDF - DataExpress Extract File for Use with PS0510J (Employee History Report - Partial) 08/10/2009
PS2101RWord - Leave Activity History Report 06/15/2009
PS7117RWord - Age and Years of Service Report 06/15/2009
PS7999RPDF - Extract Employees with Assigned SIDs (Identifies employees who have new SIDs) 04/01/2002
PS8101XPDF - DataExpress Extract File for Use with PS8101J (Mailing Labels)  
PS8102Dpdf - Merge with PS8102J for PTF Job Activation 10/16/2012
PS8103XPDF - DataExpress Extract File for Use with PS8103J (Campus Mailing Labels)  


SMS Procedures

Document/Description Last Updated
SM2001RPDF - Previous Name Log
Produces a report that lists name changes that were made in SMS
SM5003SPDF - Student Unusual Action Log (File Description) 01/26/2009
SM5003SRWord - Student Unusual Action Log (DataExpress Notification) 01/26/2009
SM5115X1PDF - Duplicate Student Comparison Extract File from Student Biographic  
SM5115X2PDF - Duplicate Student Comparison Extract File from Student Enrollment  
SM5115X3PDF - Duplicate Student Comparison Extract File from Student Transcript  
SM6004PDF (Pick-A-Prof Extract – for Letter Grades) 02/23/2009
SM6005PDF (Pick-A-Prof Extract – for Decimal Grades) 02/23/2009
SM6100RPDF - Grade Transaction Log
Produces a report of all grade transactions that have occurred since grade logging was activated.
SM7001BRPDF - WAOL Transactions  
SM7034RPDF - Waitlist Count by YRQ and Item Number 03/17/2003
SR1001AWord - Worker Retraining Report - Part 1 of 2  
SR1001BRWord - Worker Retraining Report - Part 2 of 2  
SR1002APDF - Workfirst Report - Part 1 of 2  
SR1002BRPDF - Workfirst Report - Part 2 of  
ZX0018RPDF - Cataloged DataExpress Procedure for SMS—SID/SSN Modification 04/01/2002


Running the Procedure Catalog

For a complete list of all procedures in the INFORM group, PLIB account, use the following steps:

  1. At the DataExpress Main Menu, select option 1 (Display procedure catalog)
  2. At the prompt Catalog directory, type ../../PLIB/INFORM
  3. To see the entire PLIB/INFORM catalog, at the Procedure Name Selection prompt press the return key. The total number of catalog entries will be displayed.
  4. At the prompt Display Selected Entries (Y/n)?, press the return key (to accept the default Yes response).
  5. The Procedure Catalog Report is displayed. To move back and forth between the displayed pages, select Forward A Page (F1) or Back A Page (F2).

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