Data Governance

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Data Governance is an emerging discipline that combines data management, data quality and data policies through a system of decision rights. It is not a one-time effort but requires ongoing monitoring to promote continuous improvement. It deals primarily with orchestrating and standardizing the efforts of people and processes to optimize data integrity and quality.

The purpose of the Data Governance Committee is to create a culture of data quality by monitoring and resolving data issues in the state-wide community and technical college data systems that contain standardized system data elements. The committee is a decision making body that will implement standardized coding schemas, data definitions, policies and quality control.

The Data Governance Committeeexcel shall provide oversight and decision making authority over data related issues. This committee is sponsored by the Research and Planning Commission and includes two members from each commission representing one vote, allowing for a cross-functional decision making. Each commission may sponsor a Data Domain Stewards committee to serve as subject matter experts.

The Data Governance Committee will work closely with the ctcLink project.

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