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eLearning Data Highlights

  • eLearning is 20 percent of total FTES (all funds). Online is the largest type of eLearning, comprising 65 percent. Hybrid courses comprise 33 percent of all eLearning. Hybrid courses increased four percent from the previous year and 116 percent since 2008-09.
  • eLearning enrollment declined slightly. In 2012-13, colleges enrolled 38,607 FTES in eLearning instruction, a decrease of one percent from 2011-12. Online learning comprises 65 percent of eLearning and decreased by 691 FTES, or 2.7 percent. Hybrid, which combines online with some face-to-face, was 33 percent of all eLearning. Colleges enrolled 12,922 FTES as hybrid increased by 1,028 FTES or 9 percent.

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