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SBCTC Policy Manual
Chapter 3: Student Services

3.50.00 Consumer Information

Community and technical colleges must provide information to students, prospective students, parents and the general public on:

  1. State support for higher education students including information on the amount of state subsidy and financial aid received (see RCW 28B.15.0681).
  2. The abuses of alcohol in particular and the illnesses consequent from alcohol in general (see RCW 28B.10.295), for community colleges with state-owned residence halls, the availability of student housing where all use of liquor is prohibited (see RCW 28B.10.575), and a process for reporting violations and complaints of illegal liquor and drug use (see RCW 28B.10.575).
  3. Methods of transmission of AIDS and the AIDS virus (see RCW 28B.50.205).
  4. State financial aid programs labeled an “opportunity pathway” (see RCW 28B.76.500).
  5. Policies and procedures for handling complaints of sexual harassment (see RCW 28B.110.030 (8)).
  6. Courses that can be fulfilled by taking the AP, IB, or other recognized college level proficiency exam.  Each college must publish its own list of courses on its website and in its admission materials.  The qualifying exam scores must also be included in the list (see RCW 28A.230.130 Findings—Intent – 2011 c 77).
  7. Transferable college-level courses and course lists for one-year academic completion and transferable degrees. Lists must be published in admission materials and easily accessible on the college’s web site (see RCW 28B.50.785).
  8. Voter registration.  Each college must have an active prompt on its course registration web site that will link the student to the secretary of state’s voter registration website (see RCW 29A.08.310).
  9. Expenditure of services and activities (S&A) fees.  Annually, by September 30th post services and activities fees expenditure information for the prior academic year on the college web site (see RCW 28B.15.045(11)).
  10. Options for course placement: Colleges are required to post all the available options for course placement on their web site and in their admissions materials (see RCW 28B.50.090).
  11. Financial aid counseling curriculum must be provided to institutions of higher education with state need grant recipients. The curriculum must be available via a web site (see RCW 28B.76.502).
  12. Foster Youth: Each college shall include on their applications for admission or on their registration materials a question asking whether the applicant has been in foster care together with an explanation that financial and support services may be available (see RCW 28B.117.040).
  13. Veterans: Colleges must include on their applications for admission an opportunity to advise the institution that they are veterans who may need assistance (see RCW 28B.15.910).

Campus and student directory information must be made available to military recruiting representatives providing students information on educational and career opportunities if the college provides the same access to other persons or groups (see RCW 28B.10.360).

Policy History

ActionDescriptionRevision Date
Passage of SB 5712 (2013) Added requirement for colleges to post course placement information online and in admissions materials. 7/28/2013
Passage of SHB 2352 (2012) Added requirement to post service and activity fee expenditure information on college websites. 6/7/2012
Passage of SHB 6121 (2012) Added requirement to provide financial aid counseling curriculum. 6/7/2012
Passage of HB 2254 (2012) & ESHB 1131 (2007) Added requirement identifying former foster care youth and helping them gain postsecondary education and student aid. 7/1/2012
Passage of SHB 2259 (2012) State requirement for reporting crime statistics repealed. Federal Clery Act requires campus security reporting. 6/7/2012
Passage of E2SHB 1795 (2011) Added requirement for colleges to post lists of transferable college-level courses. 8/24/2011
Passage of E2SHB 1808 (2011) Added requirement to post AP & IB scores on college websites, 7/22/2011
Passage of SSB 5270 (2009) Added requirement for colleges to post link to Secretary of State’s voter registration website. 7/26/2009
Passage of E2SHB 2021 (2009) Added disclosure requirements for college tuition billing statements and requirement for state financial aid programs must use the “Opportunity Pathway” label on all communications. 8/01/2009
Passage of HB 2233 (2006) Added requirement identifying veterans and helping them gain information on assistance available. 6/7/2006
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 9/19/2002

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