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SBCTC Policy Manual
Chapter 4: Instructional Program and Course Development

4.70.00 Contracting for Instruction

4.70.10 Out-of-District Contracting

Community and technical colleges may enter into out-district-contracts to offer educational services. Agreements must be in place to:

  1. Provide courses, special events or services in another college’s district (see WAC 131-32-030), and/or
  2. Jointly provide educational courses, programs or services (see WAC 131-32-035).

Appendix J: Guidelines for Statewide and Regional Contract Services have been developed for colleges to use when entering into these agreements.

4.70.20 Contracting with Joint Apprenticeship Training Councils

The SBCTC establishes guidelines for contracting for apprenticeship training with Joint Apprenticeship Training Councils (see Workforce Education Program Funding; WAC 131-28-026 (4)(c); Community College Tuition and Fee Waivers and Residency).

4.70.30 Contract International Students (in state-supported classes)

International students in state-supported courses may be reported as international contract under certain circumstances. Only those community and technical colleges with contracts approved by State Board staff in place as of fall quarter 2008 may serve international students on the basis of a contract with a third party organization, subject to the conditions provided below. Districts may at any time discontinue counting international students as contract-funded and begin counting them as state-funded (subject to tuition and fees under Chapter 5).  Once a district has discontinued counting international students as contract, however, they cannot later switch back again.

Conditions required for Contract International Programs:

  1. A contract with third party that has been approved by the State Board staff and as to form by the college’s AAG and that includes the following:
    1. Substantive action on the part of the contractor.
    2. Estimated number of students to be served and the fees to be charged.
    3. Budget demonstrating revenues from the program will cover the full cost of instruction including both direct and indirect costs.

      Note: Items II and III above require annual updating and approval by SBCTC prior to the start of fall quarter.
  2. District board must adopt a resolution stipulating that the international contract program could not be offered within current state funding levels.
  3. By July 1, 2008, each college seeking to continue a Contract International program must submit to SBCTC a copy of the proposed contract containing the elements described in A) I, II, and III above and a copy of the district board resolution as described in B) above.
  4. By July 1 of each year beginning in 2009, each college seeking to continue its Contract International program must submit to SBCTC at minimum, documents updating enrollment estimates, revenue projections and program budget estimates as well as a currently approved district board resolution as described in B) above. In addition, any changes to the terms of the third party contract must also be provided. All must be submitted and approved prior to enrollment of students under the contract.

See also Chapter 5.90.50, Tuition and Fees for International Students.

4.70.40 Educational Programs to Serve Foreign Nationals in a Foreign Country

The SBCTC requires prior approval for certain contracts by colleges to conduct out-of-country educational courses and programs (see Appendix K: Contract to Serve Foreign Nationals in a Foreign Country).

Policy History

ActionDescriptionRevision Date
Policy change approved by SBCTC staff based on AG opinion regarding Contract International Program. 4.70.30 updated 8/15/2008
SBCTC Resolution 02-09-16 Board approved Policy Manual 9/19/2002

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