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SBCTC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Contact Info

SBCTC's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

At SBCTC, the DEI Committee is a 13 person committee made up of employees from across the agency. The Committee strives for equitable opportunity for all, and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion by aligning its work with the vision and mission of the SBCTC in support of the overall CTC system direction. We are a motivated, action-oriented, and passionate group who are driven to create a diverse and inclusive workplace for all. Want to get in touch? Email

Current DEI Committee Members

Committee Member Division Title
Arlen Harris Business/Executive Legislative Director
Dylan Jilek Education Contracts Specialist; Co-chair
Josh Giha IT PeopleSoft Developer and Support Engineer
Ha Nguyen Business/Executive Director, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Jameeka Hill IT Human Resources Functional Analyst  - ctcLink
Joanne Munroe IT Communities of Practice
Julie Huss Business/Executive Human Resources Director
Monique Belair Education Program Administrator, Educational Technology & Open Education
Tim McClain Education Program Administrator, Workforce Education
Tysha Tolefree IT ctcLink Finance Functional & Budget Analyst; Treasurer

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