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Information for former ITT Technical Institute Students

ITT Tech Students Welcome

Former ITT Tech students, the doors are open for you at Washington state’s 34 community and technical colleges.

Whatever you choose to do, do not give up on your education. Higher education remains the clearest path to economic opportunity and security. Restarting or continuing your education at a high-quality, reputable institution may feel like a setback today, but odds are it will pay off in the long run. ~ John B. King Jr., U.S. Secretary of Education 

What are my options?

If you were attending ITT when it announced its closure on Sept. 6, 2016, or if you withdrew from an ITT Technical Institute location within 120 days before Sept. 6, you have two primary options, according to the Federal Student Aid Office of the U.S. Department of Education:

  • Apply to have your federal student loans forgiven.


  • Try to transfer your ITT or other credits to another college. If those credits are transferred to the same program of studies at that college, the loans for the ITT credits will not be forgiven.

Will my credits transfer?

While we can’t promise to take ITT credits (or to have all the answers), we pledge to try to our best to help make the most of this situation. 

 This may include the following:

  • Review your financial aid status
  • Evaluate credits from ITT and other colleges you have attended.
  • Explore possible opportunities for credit, such as credit for prior learning, workplace experience or credit-by-exam

 A contact person at each college located nearest an ITT Technical Institute in Washington state has been named to help former ITT students figure out their next steps. Other college contacts will be added as they are available.

Contact one of our colleges today

Who to contact about loans

For information about federal student loans, contact the U.S. Department of Education at 800-433-3243 or visit the Federal Student Aid ITT announcements page.

Useful Links for ITT Tech Students

Education and Financial Aid Resources

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