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ctcLink Explainer: Moving from “Project” to “Support”

April 05, 2021

After each group of deployed colleges goes live in ctcLink, they rely on the ctcLink Support organization at SBCTC. When ctcLink is fully implemented across the college system and the current 35-plus-year-old HP Legacy administrative system is fully replaced (by late Spring 2022), the ctcLink Project will close down. ctcLink Support — whose primary role is to support, stabilize and work toward optimizing the system — is scaling up as the ctcLink Project completes its final implementation activities in partnership with ctcLink Deployment Groups 5 and 6. >>

ctcLink Explainer: Employee Self-Service Demystified

March 18, 2021

Who can see my personal information in ctcLink? In ctcLink, we can access our own personal information (name, address, emergency contacts, salary, benefits, and more) in one central location Not only can you see your personal information; you can also update and manage some of it yourself. Because this “self-service” feature does not exist in the Legacy system, many people wonder, “If I can see my personal information online, can others see it too?” >>

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