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Service Elements: Responsibilities

Service Provider Responsibilities

  • Providing responses within the timeframes outlined within the SLA “First Response and Resolution Time” section
  • Providing knowledgeable, effective and respectful service
  • Striving to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Requesting feedback for opportunities for improvement
  • Grouping or splitting tickets as appropriate
  • Communicate ticket status information with impacted customers (e.g. Referenced or merged ticket update information should be visible to ticket originator)
  • Documenting problem resolution and status in ticket
  • Maintain web-based customer self-service knowledge base
    Triaging tickets effectively
  • Maintaining awareness of downstream workflow
  • Reviewing and monitoring established performance indicators regularly to improve the quality of service
  • Communicating ctcLink system changes, updates or revisions to clients
  • Managing and maintaining defined system roles
  • Protecting restricted data
  • Delivering services with minimal interruptions
  • Restoring normal operations with as little disruption to clients as possible
  • Committing to build and maintain lasting relationships with clients
  • Developing and implementing strategies to resolve recurring incidents
  • Timely notification of tasks requiring client involvement
  • All problems will be recorded, assigned to the appropriate specialist, monitored and resolved
  • Providing monthly SLA metric reports provided to client representative
  • Notifying users of commitment times and any problems that occur in meeting the established commitment
  • Read all ticket information thoroughly 

Client Responsibilities

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ctcLink will bring lasting change to the way colleges do business and structure themselves across departments. These changes are up to each college and will vary, just as college organizational structures vary today. Suggestions are provided for staffing deemed necessary at each college before, during and after go live. The roles defined in a draft ctcLink Project College Roles, Departmental Dependencies & Alignment document (cDR account required to access) are listed below:

  • Reporting Lead
  • Security Lead
  • Test Lead(s)
  • Training Lead
  • Functional/Business Analyst: Campus Solutions
  • Functional/Business Analyst: Finance
  • Functional/Business Analyst: HR & Payroll

An additional, recommended role, that is not included in the draft ctcLink Project College Roles, Departmental Dependencies & Alignment document is that of Support/Help Desk lead. This role will handle tier one issues for college staff/students and may file tickets on behalf of college staff/students.

  • Being familiar with security policies and procedures and adhering to them
  • Being willing and able to provide critical, detailed information in a timely manner
  • Responding promptly and respectfully to inquiries from Production Support Staff responsible for resolving incidents
  • Providing college representatives to participate in Service Level Review, SLA Change Recommendation Review and dispute resolution.
  • Understanding of local business processes
  • Understanding of global dates related to system processes
    • Closing
    • Payroll
  • Develop and use onboarding processes/training for new employees
  • Read all ticket information thoroughly
  • Participating in User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Performing research on issue before submitting ticket (i.e. Reference Center, training materials, check with pillar lead)

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