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Strategic Technology Plan

The Strategic Technology Plan is the product of an 18-month analysis conducted in 2007 and 2008 by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges' Technology Transformation Taskforce. Its purpose is to create a roadmap for how our system needs to leverage 21st Century technologies to support student achievement.


Grant Rodeheaver
Deputy Executive Director, Information Technology

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  1. Our IT solutions will be aligned and funded to meet the learning and service needs of all students and faculty at all 34 community and technical colleges.
  2. We will use IT to help both colleges and the State Board make better use of data to drive decision-making and to improve both student success and administrative efficiency.
  3. We will pursue a strategy of implementing system-wide software and hosting services that are cost effective, easily integrated, user-friendly, and constantly improving.
  4. We will work to integrate our information technology efforts with our partners in public schools and four-year colleges and universities in order to create a seamless P-20 online learning environment for students and services that promote seamless transitions between institutions.
  5. We will provide comprehensive professional development for faculty and staff in the use of evolving technologies. Faculty and staff will be involved in directing these efforts.
  6. We will create an accountable, open, system-wide governance structure to guide IT strategy and investments.
  7. We will cultivate the culture and practice of using and contributing to open educational resources.

The goal of the Strategic Technology Plan is to mobilize technology to increase student success. 

  1. Create a single, system-wide suite of online teaching and learning tools that provides all Washington students with easy access to “anywhere, anytime” learning.
  2. Create a seamless P-20 system for personalized online student services including recruitment, retention, advising, course catalog, transfer, and financial aid management.
  3. Create a system of lifelong learning and change management for faculty, staff and college leadership.
  4. Use data to drive continuous improvement in both student success and administrative efficiency.
  5. Treat information technology as a centrally funded, baseline service in the system budget.

Strategic Technology Plan

Read the Strategic Technology Plan and learn what the community and technical college system is doing to incorporate the latest technology into classes and services.

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