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State Board Goals

Our Board's Goals

The connection between higher education and Washington's economy is direct and powerful. Students need access to higher education to find well-paying jobs; employers need skilled employees to compete and thrive. Yet higher education is not growing fast enough to meet the needs of Washington state. The 2016–17 State Board goals advance our 2023 state education goals that at least 70 percent of Washington state adults have a postsecondary credential and 100 percent have a high school degree.

The State Board goals are designed to raise educational attainment, open more doors to college education — particularly for our fast-growing adult population — and build upon our tradition of excellence. Community and technical colleges provide the skill infrastructure our state needs, and the bridge to prosperity that every Washingtonian deserves.

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  • Improve math achievement.
  • Support curriculum and policy alignment to ensure successful transition to higher education without remediation.
  • Increase access to wrap-around student services to raise post-secondary attainment for underrepresented, adults, veterans, and first-generation students and increase the percent of basic skills students that move beyond basic skills.
  • Increase student transfers as measured by per-student enrollment and increase the number of applied baccalaureate degrees conferred.
  • Close skill gaps within the workforce to ensure workforce training capacity is sufficient for demand and increase awards in high-demand professional-technical programs.

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  • Enroll more underrepresented, first-generation and adult students, active military, veterans and their dependents and develop means to attract former students needing credits for degrees, certificates, or credentials.
  • Expand educational opportunities, such as eLearning, open educational resources, and competency-based degrees and certificates.
  • Provide incentives to increase the number of people in Basic Education for Adults programs and programs that combine basic skills, English language, academic, and jobs skills training.

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  • Ensure balance among mission areas: basic skills, workforce, transfer and applied baccalaureate.
  • Advocate for appropriate operating and capital resources through our collaborative processes, including a system-wide approach to improving faculty and staff salaries and adequate financial aid and minimal tuition increases for students.
  • Increase communication and partnerships within the system, including faculty, students and staff, and with business, labor, K-12, four-year institutions and other stakeholders.
  • Make better use of technology and promote efficiencies, including ctcLink.

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Board Member Profiles

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Board Policy Focus

The State Board develops a policy focus to turn its goals into action.

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