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Field Guide 2019

2019 Field Guide coverBetter Jobs, Brighter Futures, a Stronger Washington

At a time when most well-paying jobs require education past high school, our 34 community and technical colleges have a unique ability to meet people where they are and put them on a path to a better future.

Community and technical colleges are affordable, accessible to all kinds of students, and connected to universities and businesses.

Our students get to choose the educational path that’s right for them at a more affordable cost — be it a two-year degree, a university-transfer degree, an industry certificate or an apprenticeship. Students need these options just as employers need a range of skills.

We help put students on a solid path by:

  • promoting student achievement and success
  • increasing access to post-secondary education
  • building on the college system's strength and success


By the Numbers

58 percent

58 percent of students enrolled in Washington’s public higher education system are enrolled in community and technical colleges.

45 percent

45 percent of community and technical college students are students of color.

39 percent

39 percent of public baccalaureate graduates in Washington state start at a community or technical college.

38 percent

38 percent of community and technical college students receive need-based financial aid in eligible programs.


Washington state community and technical college students earned 30,315 associate degrees in the 2017-18 school year.

$20.5 billion

Community and technical colleges, their current students, and former students add $20.5 billion annually to Washington state's economy.

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