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Get ready for Student Lobby Day

February 02, 2024 by Mollie Kuwahara

I am excited to announce that I am working with the Washington Student Association to put together a Community and Technical College Student Lobby Day! Learning that I could be involved in the legislative process through lobbying and testifying has empowered me as a student and as a constituent. One of my goals through my internship is to give the gift of empowerment to other students. I believe that the Community and Technical College Student Lobby Day is the perfect opportunity to show students how accessible testifying, signing in support of a bill, and interacting with our elected officials can actually be. Please spread this event to every person and organization that you think it would benefit!

Washington Student Association Student Lobby Day Feb. 13
Feb. 13 is the Washington Student Association’s Community and Technical College Student Lobby Day in Olympia!

This event is for any and every community and technical college student who is passionate about civic engagement and networking with other like-minded students. 

The Student Lobby Day includes:

  • Training on how to prepare, give, and sign up to testify in person or virtually.
  • A tour of the capitol campus.
  • Lunch that will be provided.
  • Education and discussion on important policy topics related to higher education.

I ask for your help spreading the word about the lobby day with student government leaders, political science professors, advisors, and any staff that would be able to share the event with students. 

Have students who will be in attendance fill out this short Google form as soon as possible. After filling out the Google form, organizers will reach out to students with an event itinerary and additional information.

This event is free to attend. Students/institutions are responsible for their own transportation.

Please feel free to contact Kaitlynn Albenesius with any questions. 

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