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Operations and Facilities Council

The Operations and Facilities Council (OFC) is organized under the authority of the Business Affairs Commission (BAC) of the Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC).

Its purpose is to:

  • Act on matters referred by the Business Affairs Commission.
  • Promote the common interest in the construction, planning, administration, development, care and operation of physical plants used by institutions of higher education.
  • Develop and recommend uniform procedures and best practices to be followed by member institutions where such uniformity is mutually useful.
  • Consider any other operations- and facilities-related subjects which may be of concern to the community and technical colleges, and aid and supplement the work of similar organizations, such as APPA: Leadership in Education Facilities and PCAPPA, the Pacific Coast region of APPA.
  • Foster a professional spirit among those engaged in this work.

Current Meeting

Details for the next meeting including registration, lodging, directions, agenda and more.

Members and Committees

Membership information including officer contacts, rosters and committee chairs.

Past Meeting Materials

Meeting materials including agendas and attendance.


Sample technical manuals and other resources of interest to OFC membership.


Related Councils and Groups

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