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Hosting ACT Meetings

This page provides helpful information about preparing for Washington State Association of College Trustees (ACT) meetings hosted by your college. ACT works with host colleges and hotels to organize the annual spring convention.


  • The best time for the ACT meeting is in May, preferably the Thursday and Friday after Mother's Day and before Memorial Day.
  • Hotel room rates must be something that the colleges are comfortable with.
  • Approximately 110 rooms are needed over a two-night period (approximately 50 rooms prior to Day One and 60 rooms prior to Day Two).
  • ACT uses two large rooms simultaneously:
    • One room is set up classroom style with 125 seats.
    • The second room is set up for meals with tables seating 8-10 (125 seats total).
  • It is best if the hotel can provide audio and visual services to save the college from having to provide equipment and staff.
  • The hotel will cater at least two breakfasts, two lunches, four refreshment breaks (coffee, tea, soda, cookies), and a dinner.
  • ACT is financially responsible for the hotel contract. Although ACT relies on the host college's staff to help work with the hotel, ACT will actually sign the contract.

Host College

  • A college trustee from the upcoming fiscal year serves on the current spring convention committee.
  • One or two college trustees, the college president, and public information officer (or similar position) serves on the spring convention committee.
  • The college's staff helps decide the convention theme, design a conference logo and develop promotional materials that are distributed at the winter conference to promote the spring convention.
  • ACT relies on the college's staff to decide which local officials (for example, legislators) should be invited and included on the agenda for official "welcomes."
  • The college's staff arranges for small welcoming gifts from local businesses or the Chamber of Commerce.
  • The college organizes a social event, usually a special dinner. This is the largest responsibility of as a host college.
    • The registration fee covers the cost of the dinner and decorations; however, the college chooses the theme, decorates, selects the menu if the dinner is on-site at the hotel or selects and arranges for the food if the event is off-site (either college or local restaurant caterers), chooses the entertainment and the location of the dinner.
    • If the location is not at the convention site, the college arranges transportation to the dinner. Although the college organizes this, ACT tries not to have the college pay any out-of-pocket costs and any costs the college does incur are reimbursed.
  • The college's executive assistant or designee assists the ACT administrative assistant with registration responsibilities on the first day of the convention.


  • Is the contracting agent with the hotel.
  • Works with the hotel's catering for all meals and breaks, except for the awards dinner.
  • Makes the audio and visual equipment arrangements.
  • Handles registration.
  • Works with the spring convention committee to develop the program.
  • Contracts with speakers.
  • Covers all expenses.


Kim Tanaka
ACT Director

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