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ctcLink Project Governance

Moving ctcLink Forward

In February 2017, the Washington Association for Community and Technical Colleges Technology Committee (WACTC-Tech) began the process of reorganizing ctcLink project governance and oversight. 

The new structure was implemented in late April 2018 as WACTC-Tech handed off its previous role to the ctcLink Executive Leadership Team (cELC). WACTC-Tech is working with SBCTC and ctcLink project leadership to get the new governance groups up and running.

Governance Framework

Three ctcLink Governance Committees — Executive Leadership Committee (cELC),  Steering Committee, Working Group — work together to guide and manage the ctcLink project, uphold the project's guiding principles and provide a consistent mechanism for policy decision-making with binding authority of all college presidents.

The governing body will provide project guidance through the current Remediation phase of ctcLink, including scope definition, review of high-impact global (system-wide) change requests, and approval of risk mitigation strategies and project decisions, which includes ctcLink Decision Requests and ctcLink Change Orders. 

Committee roles and responsibilities

How the committees interact

A simplified chart shows communication and workflow between the ctcLink Project Governance committees and stakeholder groups.

ctcLink Governance Framework

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