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ctcLink Readiness (Initiation Phase) Canvas Course Registration

Who May Register?

All deployment groups may register for the PeopleSoft Fundamentals, Cross-Pillar and pillar-specific Global Design Adoption (GDA) courses as well as the Self-Service courses. See the ctcLink Training page for a complete list and description of each course.

Registration Instructions

  1. Select your college/institution from the drop down list and enter your email address.  Click the Verify My Account button. A notification will appear indicating whether your account has been verified or not.
  2. Once your account has been verified, a course list will display.  Check the courses for which you wish to register.
  3. Use the Sign Me Up button to submit your registration choices.
  4. Then once registration is complete, then log in to your Canvas account to see your course modules and get started.

Select your college or SBCTC

Please enter the email address you use to access Canvas at your institution.

PeopleSoft Fundamentals

Global Design Adoption

Global Design Adoption

Global Design Adoption


Self-Service Courses

If you have any questions about training or using this form, please contact ctcLink Training Team Management

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