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ctcLink Project Status Reports

Project Status Reports

ctcLink Project Status Reports are compiled by the ctcLink Project Management Office (PMO) staff every two weeks. 

Each report is first presented to the ctcLink Steering Committee during its biweekly meeting, both as a handout and/or as part of the Steering Committee presentation.

The report is also shared with the ctcLink Executive Leadership Committee during its meetings, posted to the Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) dashboard, in cDR Project Status Reports - Compiled, as well as with the Moran Quality Assurance team.

Content varies and has evolved as needed. Deliverables and activities are reported by:

  • Colleges and SBCTC in implementation and initiation phases
  • ctcLink PeopleSoft pillar leads (Campus Solutions, Human Capital Management, Finance) 
  • Workstream teams and PMO staff: risk and issues, quality assurance, organizational change management, communications testing, training, technical
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