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ctcLink Project Working Group Members


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  • ctcLink Production and Project Campus Solutions (one vote) – designated
  • ctcLink Production and Project Finance (one vote) – designated
  • ctcLink Production and Project Human Capital Management (one vote) – designated
  • Data Services Director – Data, Reporting and Data Governance (one vote) – assigned
  • Application Services Director and Technical Project Manager (one vote) – assigned
  • College Representatives – Six representatives, selected for a minimum of two years, with appointments preferably staggered based on deployment cycles (six votes)
    • Alternate college representatives – two alternates will serve as needed to ensure meeting quorums
  • ctcLink Project Director – assigned
  • SBCTC Security – designated
  • SBCTC Training/OCM – designated
  • Ad hoc representatives based on meeting agenda
Member, College/Agency Committee Role Voting Status
Tara Keen, SBCTC Facilitator, ctcLink Assistant Project Director Non-Voting Member
Kathy Disney, Tacoma Campus Solutions Subject Matter Expert (SME) Voting Member
Pat Daniels, Highline Project Manager (PM) Voting Member
Krista Francis, Peninsula Human Capital Management SME Voting Member
Beth Farley, Edmonds Campus Solutions SME Voting Member
Sabra Sand, Clark Finance SME Voting Member
Chantel Black, Spokane Campus Solutions SME Voting Member
John Ginther, SBCTC Finance, Production

Shared Vote

Christyanna Dawson, SBCTC Finance, Project Shared Vote
Ana Ybarra, SBCTC Campus Solutions, Production Shared Vote
John Henry Whatley, SBCTC Campus Solutions, Project Shared Vote
Bryan Lanier & Shon Dicks-Schlesinger, SBCTC Human Capital Management, Production Shared Vote
Sanjiv Bhagat, SBCTC Human Capital Management, Project Shared Vote
Sandy Main, SBCTC SBCTC Application Services Director Shared Vote
Venkat Gangula, SBCTC Technical Project Manager Shared Vote
Carmen McKenzie, SBCTC Data Services Director Voting Member
Sandy Main & Dani Bundy, SBCTC Security Non-Voting Member
 Dani Bundy, SBCTC OCM Representative Non-Voting Member
Dani Bundy, SBCTC Training Representative Non-Voting Member
Janelle Runyon, SBCTC Communications Non-Voting Member


Member, College/Agency Committee Role Voting Status
Cheryl Fritz, Wenatchee Valley Financial Aid SME Non-Voting Member
Charlene Rios, Big Bend Finance SME Non-Voting Member

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