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Pillar Work Session Archive

Archived Work Sessions in Canvas

Explore previous topics or just refresh your memory with previously recorded Pillar Work Sessions. Most work session videos and documentation are also housed in the appropriate Canvas course.

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2021 Archives

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Date Title Presenter Category
03/12/2021 PopUp: Personalizing PeopleSoft, Term Withdrawal and Rebuilding Non-Converted Records Cielito Lane, SBCTC Records and Enrollment
03/19/2021 NSC Reporting in ctcLink Marissa Baker, SBCTC Records and Enrollment
04/02/2021 PopUp: Repeats, Program/Plan Actions, Very Useful Queries Cielito Lane and Maria Sultan, SBCTC Records and Enrollment

Lessons Learned, Linked Classes and More!

Anna Gonzales - Spokane Falls Community College Curriculum Management

Enrollment Methods

Maria Sultan, CS Core Records and Enrollment

Checking Out Checklists

Jill Hammitt, Highline College 3Cs: Checklists

Enrollment Methods

Maria Sultan, SBCTC Enrollment

Come to Term with Term Fees

Sopheth Nong, SBCTC Student Financials

No archives

Date Title Presenter Category

Awarding and Packaging - in a neat little bow!

FA Support Awarding and Packaging

Special Fall SAP Processing

Financial Aid Support, SBCTC Satisfactory Academic Progress
Date Title Presenter Category

Refunds - Tips and Tricks

Amy Lanser, SBCTC Refunds

3rd Party Contract Group Payment Posting

Katie Guarin, Olympic College Third Party Contacts
Date Title Presenter Category
01/15/2021 Using MetaLink and a Query Top 10 List Paula McDaniel, SBCTC Reporting Tools

Check the QAR Engine Light! (This presentation was not recorded)

Lou Sager, SBCTC Reporting

2020 Archives

Date Title Presenter Category
2/14/2020 - Rescheduled for 03/13/2020 How FTEs are Calculated Carmen, Monica, Lou and Julie, SBCTC Records and Enrollment Curriculum Management
3/6/2020 A Peek at Activity Guides Geoff Lake, SFCC Campus Community
3/13/2020 How FTEs are Calculated Camen McKenzie and Lou Sager, SBCTC Records and Enrollment Curriculum Management
4/10/2020 OAA End-to-End Tanjagay Martin, SBCTC OAA
Student Admissions
4/17/2020 Transcript Evaluation Student Notifications Maria Sultan, TCC Records and Enrollment
5/15/2020 Brought to you by the Letter S (Managing Student Groups and Student Attributes) SBCTC DataServices Team Records and Enrollment
5/29/2020 Class Scheduling Part 1: Nuts & Bolts Anna Gonzales, SFCC Curriculum Management
6/5/2020 Class Scheduling Part 2: Putting it All Together Anna Gonzales, SFCC Curriculum Management
6/12/2020 End-of-Term Processing
• Generating Grade Rosters and Posting Grades
• Rebuilding Non-Converted Students to the Same College
Open Session Records and Enrollment
7/9/2020 Title End of Term Debrief and Bonus Feature Term Withdrawal Cielito Lane, Core Team Records and Enrollment
7/30/2020  Incoming Transcripts 101 Cielito Lane and  Support Team  Records and Enrollment
8/6/2020 StuFi Term Rollover  Brandon Reed and Backup Singers (aka StuFi Team), SBCTC Records and Enrollment
8/20/2020 Enrollment Requirements 101 (Overview and a Typical Setup) Cielito Lane, CS Core Records and Enrollment
8/27/2020 Enrollment Requirements 201 (Exploring Available Tools: Milestones, Requisites (co, pre, anti), Tests, Student Groups, Requirement Conditions, Reserve Capacity) Cielito Lane, CS Core and Tanjagay Martin, Training Team Records and Enrollment
9/03/2020 The Perks of PERC Maria Sultan, TCC  Records and Enrollment
9/17/2020 - CANCELLED May the (WORK) Force be with You! Coding Worker Retraining, Apprenticeship and Workfirst Students Carmen McKenzie and Lou Sager, SBCTC Data Services Reporting
Records and Enrollment
9/24/2020 Approaching Enrollment Appointments Mirranda Saari and Kael Godwin, Clark Records and Enrollment
10/02/2020 - CANCELLED Complex Class Issues Anna Gonzales, Spokane Falls Community College Curriculum Management
10/16/2020 General Overview: Academic Calendar, Grade Basis, Repeat Print Date Cielito Lane, SBCTC Beginning of Term
10/30/2020 Locating a Printable Transcript Maria Sultan, SBCTC Records and Enrollment
11/20/2020 Wash, Rinse, REPEAT! Managing Repeat Rules Maria Sultan, TCC and Cielito Lane, SBCTC Core Records and Enrollment


Date Title Presenter Category
10/23/2020 Loan Processing Financial Aid Support, SBCTC Loan Processing
2/11/2020 Awarding and Packaging Kelly Forsberg, SBCTC (FA Training) & SBCTC FA Support Awarind and Packaging
Date Title Presenter Category
5/22/2020 Wrangle Refunds Using the Adjustment Calendar Tamara Allen, SBCTC Refunds, Adjustment Calendar
12/11/2020 Customer Accounts Brandon Reed, SBCTC Training Team Customer Accounts
Date Title Presenter Category
2/28/2020 Effective Dating Maria Sultan, TCC All
4/3/2020 Leveraging the Source as Resource: Using Oracle and the HEUG Mandy Mineard, SBCTC System
5/1/2020 Plan Stacking for Success: Plan Stacks and Enrollment Transactions Best Practices (i.e. ones that avoid FA and NSC Errors) Tanjagay Martin and Kelly Forsberg, SBCTC Records and Enrollment
Financial Aid
5/8/2020 DG3B: Process Pause/Restart Refresher Drake, SBCTC PeopleTools
6/19/2020 Insights into Item Types Brandon Reed and Kelly Forsberg, Training Team Item Types
6/26/2020 Terrific Ticketing for You and Me,  Enrollment Cancellation Drake, Brandon Reed and Tanjagay Martin - SBCTC

PeopleSoft Fundamentals, Records and Enrollment, Tuition Calculation

7/16/2020 Making Self-Service Work for You Christine Burge, Brenda Martinson, Alicia Preston, and Jo Burchell, SCC Self-Service
7/23/2020 A Beginners Guide to Security and Roles Kael Godwin and Mirranda Saari, Clark PeopleTools
8/13/2020 QARS Preventative Maintenance Lou Sager, SBCTC Reporting
9/10/2020 - CANCELLED QARS: New Model Year Release (and Other DataServices Updates) Opening Act: Coding Deceased Students Lou Sager and Carmen McKenzie, DataServices Team Reporting
10/09/2020 Making ABE Count: Best Practices for Dollars in (Funding), Dollars out (FA), and FTEs! SBCTC Student Financials, Financial Aid and Data Services Reporting - ABE Funding
11/13/2020 Personalizing Your PeopleSoft Space Barbara Rissman, SCCC All
12/04/2020 - CANCELLED Check the QAR Engine Light Carmen McKenzie and Lou Sager, Data Services Reporting


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