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High School Equivalency Exam - GED®

Many people who did not finish high school have the same knowledge and skills as those who did graduate. By taking and passing a series of high school equivalency exams (HSE), adults can demonstrate they have acquired the same level of knowledge. Washington state currently uses the four-part GED® tests for its HSE test.

Most colleges and employers accept an HSE credential as being equivalent to a high school diploma. The SBCTC oversees the HSE testing program for the state of Washington. Those who meet the eligibility requirements may take the HSE Tests at official test centers located throughout the state. Local test centers are listed on the GED® Testing Service.

For information about eligibility, cost, preparation and other details, see our student page.


Troy Goracke
GED® Administrator

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Forms for High Schools/Test Centers

Email SBCTC's GED® administrator, if you are a high school or a test center employee and need copies of the "Request for Approval to Test" form or the "Notarized Statement /Letter for Home School Students" form.

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