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I-BEST Team Teaching Models

Team teaching is an integral part of the I-BEST model. It includes joint course planning and an instructional overlap of at least 50 percent of the class time. (I-BEST stands for Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training.)

Team Teaching Success Elements

  • Both instructors work as a collaborative team to design and deliver the program.
  • Both instructors collaborate before entering the classroom for the first time to work on joint learning outcomes and assessments for students.
  • They are both present in the classroom including lecturing, leading group discussions and managing student projects.

Team Teaching Models

Overlapping instruction is a core component of the I-BEST model. While effective team teaching techniques and skills are vital to I-BEST success, they are rare among faculty and administrators.

This section includes six research-based strategies, evidence-based theory, video samples of effective instruction, and curricula samples and/or links. The resources in this section can function as a self-directed learning module or as the basis for group instruction.

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