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I-DEA National Conferences

I-DEA National Conferences Announced

SBCTC is pleased to offer four regional Integrated Digital English Acceleration (I-DEA) training conferences around the country.

The conferences, held in collaboration with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will equip English language faculty and administrators with practical information and hands-on tools to successfully implement and deliver I-DEA programs at their locations.

The I-DEA flipped classroom, hybrid model prepares students to enter college and career pathways with digital literacy and academic skills. I-DEA's outcomes are 9 percent to 16 percent higher than traditional English language classrooms.

Here is an example of the materials that are accessible through this self-enrolled course I-DEA Demo. We'd also like to share a video from Clark College.

Who should attend?

  • English language faculty
  • Program administrators
  • I-DEA partners

Need more information?

Contact William Durden, I-BEST Policy Associate, or 360-704-4368.

Conference Agenda & Meeting Materials


The trainings will be held in four different states around the U.S. Choose one location link to register:

What's included

The daylong conference is free for registered participants.

Your training, conference materials, breakfast and lunch are generously sponsored by SBCTC and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

What's not covered

Your travel expenses (transportation, lodging, other meals) are not part of the registration and must be covered by you or your organization.

SBCTC is not making any hotel room arrangements, so if you are a government employee and must follow per diem restrictions, use Hotels at Per Diem so you are able to find a hotel that honors the rate you need.

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