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Skagit Valley College | 2023-25 Budget Requests

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We are proud that our Strategic Plan Core Themes of Equity in Access, Achievement, and Community are at the heart of our work at Skagit Valley College. We meet students where they are when they come to us and provide education, services, and support that create a sense of belonging. When our students complete their degrees or certificates, they are prepared to take the experience they had with us and begin successful futures of learning, working, and contributing to a better world.

By offering affordable and accessible programs, Skagit Valley College helps people of every age and background to learn and thrive in today’s economy. Whether students are 16 or 60, just out of high school or working adults, our college prepares them for the next step up in life. As a community college that serves a large number of students of color and students who are the first in their families to attend college, Skagit Valley College is key to creating social and economic mobility for people throughout our region.

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Meet Silvia Herrera Avila

Silvia was born in Mexico and faced many hardships, including poverty, racism and domestic violence. With the hope of building a better future, Silvia’s family moved to the US. She enrolled at SVC to learn English and received her high school diploma. Silvia knew she wanted to be a teacher since she was young. She studied Early Childhood Education at SVC. As a single parent to three children, Silvia is focused on her family and transforming their lives through the power of education. Silvia is now studying at WWU and working toward her dream of becoming a certificated teacher

Legislative Priority: Expand Opportunity for Students and Employers

Funding our budget requests will have real returns for students like Silvia Herrera Avila and for the communities and employers in our area. Students will learn from competitively-paid industry professionals, which is critical as college salaries currently lag private employers and K-12 schools. Our students will train for careers in robust workforce programs, with modern equipment and learning spaces that mirror future work environments. We will be able to expand technology to bring education to more people in more ways. And, all students will benefit from an inclusive environment where they are supported and equipped to reach their goals.

Our Students

  • Total headcount: 6,554
  • Total full-time equivalent (FTE): 3,027
  • Full-time: 47%
  • Part-time: 53%
  • Students of color: 44%

Operating Budget Estimate

If the system’s operating budget request of $353 million is fully funded, Skagit Valley College will receive approximately $5.5 million in additional funding.

Capital Budget Estimate

If the system’s request is fully funded, Skagit Valley College will receive approximately $10,217,000 for operation, maintenance, infrastructure, repairs and minor improvements of its existing facilities, $30,603,000 in state funds and $3,999,000 in local funds for construction of the Library/Culinary Arts building, and $49,918,000 for design and construction of the Industrial Technology and Public Safety building.

Legislative Districts

10, 39, 40


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