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2017 Legislative Agenda

2017 Legislative Agenda

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Our 2017-19 operating budget request is designed to produce the diverse talent
pool needed to fill thousands of jobs and grow Washington’s economy. New
investments would increase completion and retention rates, producing at least
15,000 more degrees and certificates over the next two years.

Funding our complete capital budget request would ease a backlog of projects
so more students could learn in modern, well-maintained buildings that meet
their educational needs. Every college would receive funding to maintain, repair
and make minor improvements to existing facilities.

 The community and technical college system contracts with the Department of
Corrections to provide basic education and vocational training in corrections
institutions. State and federal research shows these services dramatically reduce
recidivism rates. A statutory change is necessary to allow the use of state funds
for community and technical colleges to provide associate degrees as well.

A number of colleges contract with for-profit vendors to operate
bookstores, cafeterias and other similar services within college buildings. The
Department of Revenue considers this use of college facilities a lease of state
property for which the college owes a leasehold excise tax. A statutory change
is necessary to clarify that colleges do not lease vendors space to operate their
own stores, but rather contract with vendors to operate college stores.

The Washington Customized Training Program provides interest-free training
loan assistance to businesses that provide employment opportunities in the
state. A legislative request is necessary to lift the July 1, 2017 sunset of this
program and continue attracting and retaining business in Washington state.

SBCTC supports the Washington Student Achievement Council’s request for
additional funding for the State Need Grant.

Joint Legislative Committee (JLC)

The JLC gives advice to the State Board and SBCTC staff on legislative issues. The JLC reviews the trustees' and presidents' legislative priorities to build a recommendation to the State Board for a system-wide legislative platform. During  legislative session, the JLC meets weekly by telephone to advise the State Board staff on legislative positions for the system.

JLC members:

  • SBCTC Executive Director (serves as chair)
  • Three State Board members
  • Three trustees (ACT president and co-chairs of the Legislative Steering Committee)
  • Three presidents (WACTC president, president-elect and chair of the WACTC Legislative and Public Information Committee)
  • State Board Staff

2017 Legislative Agenda

Read and print the community and technical college system's 2017 legislative agenda.

2017-19 Operating Budget Request

Read and print the community and technical college system's 2017-19 operating budget request.

2017-19 Capital Budget Request

Read and print the community and technical college system's 2017-19 capital budget request.

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