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Peer and Professional Learning Calendar

The purpose of this calendar is to provide a comprehensive listing of intentional and collaborative peer and professional learning opportunities. These events, a variety of workshops, institutes, communities of practice, and lunch and learn webinars, are intended to support system understanding of the guided pathways framework, application of essential practices to local contexts, experimentation with connections among practices, evaluation of the impact on equitable student success, and adaptation and iteration of practices.

Please check back often for updates and new opportunities for engagement.

Find materials, event details, and other information below for upcoming and previous events.

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Upcoming All-College Events

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  • 2/2 - BEdA Math Pathways: BEdA to ProfTech (Westside)
  • 2/2 - An Assessment Cycle with Student Affairs- Workshop #1: Data Collection (Virtual) 1-3:00 pm 
  • 2/16 - Guided Career Pathways (Westside)
  • 2/16 - Faculty Developers CoP (Virtual)
  • 2/23 - BEdA Math Pathways: Misconceptions (Westside)
  • 2/29 - Lunch and Learn—Clarify the Path (Zoom)



  • 4/11 - Lunch and Learn—Choosing a Path (Zoom)
  • 4/17 An Assessment Cycle with Student Affairs- Workshop #3 (Highline College)
  • 4/18 - 1-3 p.m., All-Coach Training (Zoom)
  • 4/19 - Faculty Developers CoP (Zoom)
  • 4/25 - Math Placement Grant Convening (Westside)


  • 5/2-3 - Assessment Teaching and Learning Conference (Yakima)
  • 5/2 - Lunch and Learn—Choosing a Path (Zoom)
  • 5/9 - Guided Career Pathways (Eastside)
  • 5/17 - BEdA Math Pathways: BEdA to ProfTech (Eastside)
  • 5/17 - Faculty Developers CoP (Zoom)
  • 5/24 - Spring Math Retreat (Eastside)

2023 Events 

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  • 12/8 - Building Thinking Classrooms Book Club (Zoom)
  • 12/15 - Faculty Developers CoP (Virtual)


  • 11/09 - Lunch and Learn—Stay on the Path: Non-academics supports (Zoom) 
  • 11/13-11/15 - Guided Pathways Lead Retreat
  • 11/14 - 3-4:30 p.m. - Data Science Exploration, Math Faculty Learning Community
  • 11/16 - Math Placement Grant Convening (Wenatchee)
  • 11/17 - Faculty Developers COP (Virtual)
  • 11/17 - Social Justing MATH& 107 FLC (Zoom)
  • 11/30 - Lunch and Learn—Ensure Students are learning (Virtual)

Date: Thursday, August 24, 2023

Community College Research Center: What We've Learned About Guided Pathways and Scale of Adoption Survey 

Hana Lahr, Senior Research Associate and Director of Applied Learning
Taylor Myers, Senior Research Assistant and PEAR Fellow

Recording here

The theme for the 2023 Student Success Summit is Collaborative Excellence and serves as a space to showcase the incredible work being done across the system by the individuals leading the work, regardless of title or role. The Student Success Summit recognizes there is no student success without faculty and staff success, innovation, and collaboration.


Date: Monday, June 5, 2023 2 - 3p.m.


Slide Deck

The Student Success Center is excited to partner with Dr. Debra Bragg for the webinar “Advancing Equitable Guided Pathways in Washington.” In this Webinar, Dr. Bragg will share her analysis of the ratings from the 2022-2023 Guided Pathways Work Plans and the Scale of Adoption Surveys completed by colleges in fall of 2022. In addition to a Q&A session, there will also be opportunities for feedback from participants on how to best use this data and analysis to deepen Guided Pathways Work across the state. 

Lunch and Learn Series

October 2022- May 2023

Lunch-and-learn virtual webinars were focused on learning and applying new content and practices that are presented by a guest content expert. Participation is open to invitees from the Student Success Centers in Washington, Oregon and Arizona. Each webinar includes a plenary guest speaker presentation with Q&A, small group discussions and “office hours” with the guest speaker, the Center director(s), and other colleagues.

To view materials and the recordings visit the Education First landing page 

Spring Guided Pathways Student Success Institute


Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Links for Pre-Read, and the Day-of-the-Event materials will be included in this document when available.

SBCTC Lead: Monica Wilson,

Speakers:  Mark Salinas, María Saldana, Evette Jasper, Brigid Nulty, Dr. Dutch Henry, Dr. Jennifer Ernst, Mark Fuzie, Dr. Sue Orchard, Byron Ford, Sam Della-DeVoney, Melvinjohn Ashue, Dr. Kate Reavey, Lynn Palmanteer-Holder, Monica Wilson, you, and more.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Further develop the skillset needed to understand your sphere of influence by tapping into your agency in developing your ideas from concept to moving into discernment, accountability, and energy.
  • Engage in learning the practice of constructivist listening as a Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accountability, and Belonging practice that encourages and supports the needed conversations in demanding and emotionally challenging spaces.
  • Share in community ways you have can or have practiced principles in spaces for shifting enrollment, mapping to the next steps (operational cycles), new student orientation programming, faculty onboarding for student success, using data for Faculty Collaboration and change in Gateway courses.

2023 Winter Guided Pathways Cohort 1 and 2 Retreat

Retreat Dates: January 26-27, 2023

SBCTC Lead: Claudine Richardson (  

Speakers: Dr. Edward Bush, Heather Gingerich, Summer Kenesson, Dr. Jeremiah
Sims, Kayla Pezolano, Nekaycha Cavil, Jade Kanui Roque, Dr. Oyame KenZoe
Brian Selassie, Dr. Debra Bragg, Betsy Stam, Isadora Hidalgo, Katie Gulliford,
Tamika LaMere, Sophia Agtarap, Monica Wilson, you, and more

Learning Objectives:

  • Celebrate and Reflect on accomplishments made throughout our journey as cohort 1 and 2 colleges leading Guided Pathways work.
  • Account and Tackle the next steps for colleges’ priorities with the support of the Student Success Center (SSC) for operationalizing Guided Pathways Equity Strategy across the colleges
  • Share, Compare, and Contrast experiences and approaches with and without data.
  • Schedule: Thursday, January 26th


Brook Bane 
Program Specialist

Dawn Draus
Math Pathways and Placement Policy associate

Guava Jordan
Assessment, Teaching and Learning Policy Associate

Amunoo Tembo 
Student Success and Pathway Navigation Policy Associate

Monica Wilson
Director,  Student Success Center and Strategic Initiatives

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