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Reverse Transfer/Articulation

Make it Count

Earn your associate degree even if you already transferred! You earned it, so make it official. You deserve it.

"We want our students to be successful in their education, and a degree is a big part of showing their accomplishment. Granting students an associate degree even after they’ve transferred from a community or technical college helps build their resumes and puts them in a good position when they enter the job market,” said Marty Brown, SBCTC’s executive director.


Nanette Angel
Administrative Assistant, Student Services


Did You Transfer Before Earning an Associate Degree?

Did you transfer to Washington State University before earning your associate’s degree?

Adding an associate degree to your college transcript will help build your resume, document applicable job qualifications, and provide you with the benefits and options associated with earning an associate in arts degree as part of the Direct Transfer Agreement.

Students who transferred to Eastern Washington University before earning their associates degree may be eligible to earn their degree.

Students who transferred to Washington State University before earning their associates degree may be eligible to earn their degree.

WGU-Washington Articulation Agreement.

How to Earn a Reverse Transfer Degree








It's easy to earn your reverse transfer degree from Washington State University.

Here are the seven steps of the process:

  1. Participating university identifies students eligible for Reverse Transfer
  2. University notifies students of Reverse Transfer eligibility
  3. Student contacts SBCTC to start Reverse Transfer process
  4. SBCTC connects student to former community or technical college
  5. Student requests transcripts from former college
  6. College confirms with student and direct transfer agreement (DTA)
  7. College sends transcript to university



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