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Tuition & Fees

Community and technical colleges offer students a solid, accredited education at an affordable price. Tuition at community and technical colleges in Washington is charged per credit and residency status.

Tuition rates will vary slightly for each college depending on college-specific fees. The rates shown below reflect the maximum amount any college may charge.

Tuition and Fees for Full-Time Students

Lower Division Tuition
2020-21 Tuition* Resident Nonresident
* Rounded to the nearest dollar    
One Quarter (15 credits) $1,410 $3,229
Academic Year (3 quarters/45 credits total) $4,230 $9,687


 Upper Division/Applied Bachelor's Degrees
2020-21 Tuition*  Resident Nonresident
* Rounded to the nearest dollar    
One quarter (15 credits) $2,260 $6,262
Academic year (3 quarters/45 credits total) $6,781 $18,787


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