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Financial Need Waiver

Waiver Purpose

This waiver is available for eligible students with financial need.

ctcLink: Waiver Code - W03

Legacy: Fee Pay Status - 03

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Community and technical colleges may waive all or a portion of tuition fees (operating and building fees) and services and activities (S&A) fees for students with financial need. To qualify for the waiver, the student must be eligible for resident tuition. 

Clarification: This waiver should not be confused with the Institutional Financial Aid Fund (commonly referred to as the 3-1/2 Percent Loan Fund). The waiver is a reduction in the amount of tuition and fees charged, while the Loan Fund is used for loans and grants to eligible students.  For more information on the 3-1/2 Percent Loan Fund, see RCW 28B.15.820.

RCW 28B.15.740(1) – Limitation on total tuition and fee waivers.

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