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Natural Resource – Resident/Nonresident Waiver

Waiver Purpose

INACTIVE WAIVER: This waiver is available for qualified dislocated forest products workers or their unemployed spouses. 

Fee pay status: Resident 58 (inactive); Non-resident 59 (inactive)

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Community colleges may waive all or a portion of tuition and fees for students participating in the dislocated forest products worker program.  Dislocated forest products workers and their unemployed spouses are eligible for the program. Tuition may be waived for the worker, or the spouse, but not both.  

Students must be enrolled for 10 or more credits per quarter. Tuition and fees may be waived for a maximum of six quarters within a two-year period. SBCTC will send approval to the Job Service Center and the college. Students will receive notification from the Job Service Center.

The number of students served in the program is determined by the current level of appropriations in the budget.

RCW 28B.50.259 — Program for dislocated forest products workers-waiver from tuition and fees.

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