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Reciprocity - British Columbia Waiver

Waiver Purpose

INACTIVE WAIVER: This waiver is currently inactive, because there is no reciprocity agreement with British Columbia. The British Columbia agreement ended in 1999.

Waiver of nonresident tuition differential for British Columbia residents. Waiver is only in effect if a reciprocal agreement exists where Washington residents pay no more than the British Columbia resident tuition and fee rate.

Fee pay status: 39 (inactive)

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The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges may waive all or a portion of the nonresident tuition differential for British Columbia residents. This waiver is in effect only upon completion of an agreement between the State Board and appropriate officials and agencies in British Columbia providing enrollment opportunities for Washington residents to pay no more than that charged to residents of British Columbia.

Nonresident differential is the difference between resident tuition (operating and building fees) and nonresident tuition (operating and building fees).

RCW 28B.15.756 – Waiver of nonresident tuition fees differential – Washington/British Columbia reciprocity program.

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