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State and Educational Employees Waiver

Waiver Purpose

This optional waiver is for state employees.  "State employee" includes permanent classified employees, higher education employees, teachers and K-12 classified staff.

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Community and technical colleges may waive all or a portion of tuition (operating and building fees) and services and activities fees for state employees as defined below:

  • Permanent employees in classified service under RCW 41.06 (State Civil Service Law).
  • Permanent employees governed by RCW 41.56 (Public Employees Collective Bargaining).
  • Permanent classified employees and exempt paraprofessional employees of technical colleges.
  • Faculty, counselors, librarians and exempt professional/administrative employees at institutions of higher education.
  • Teachers and other certificated instructional staff at public common and vocational schools.
  • Classified staff employed at public common schools, when the employee is taking courses relevant to their work assignment or coursework that is part of a teacher preparation program.

Students shall be enrolled on a space-available basis. Students shall be charged a registration fee of not less than five dollars. Community colleges may give preference to employees of their college before considering waivers for eligible persons not employed by the college.

If a college participates in this waiver, it shall include all eligible state employees in the pool of those eligible to participate.  Equal treatment must be given to those employed full-time and those employed half-time or more.

These students are not to be included in state enrollment counting.

RCW 28B.15.558 – Waiver of tuition and fees for state employees and educational employees

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