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Online Admissions Application Instructions

ATTENTION! Currently, this application is for Tacoma, Spokane and Spokane Falls colleges only. All 34 WA community and technical colleges are moving to a new software system, but Tacoma, Spokane and Spokane Falls made the transition first. Stay here to apply to one of those 3 colleges. Apply to one of our other colleges at https://www.public.ctc.edu/ApplicantWebClient/Applicant.

Helpful hints:

Apply for College in 1 – 2 – 3

Step 1: Set up an Online Admissions Application account. Remember your User ID and Password for this account. You will need it if you want to apply to more than one college or if you need to re-enter the site to complete an unfinished application.

Step 2: Fill out the Online Admissions Application

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Step 1: Set up your Account (Already have one? Jump to step 2)

  1. Enter a User ID of your choice
  2. Choose and confirm a password – Password length should be at least 8 characters and should include at least 1 digit and 1 special character. Example: Yellow!2
  3. Enter name
  4. Enter date of birth – Use calendar icon to choose date
  5. Social security number (not required)
  6. Enter country you live in (can use magnifying glass icon to get list)
  7. Click “Edit Address” to access address screen and enter your address; click ok when complete
  8. Enter phone number (not required)
  9. Enter valid email
  10. Pick security questions and enter your answers
  11. Submit If successful, you will receive the following message: Your account creation is completed!  Your user name is "User Name".  Keep your User Name and Password safe as you will need this each time you access your application.  Login Now
    Step 1 Success Message
  12. Press “Login Now” to go back to the main page and start the application process.


Step 2: Apply for Admissions The Question marks (?) next to an item opens up a new screen with more details about that step/item.

  1. Academic Institution – Choose the college you want to attend. You can only apply to one college per application, but you are welcome to return and apply to another college at any time.
  2. Academic Career – Click dropdown and choose Academic Career. This is the only choice for all applications and is required
  3. Campus – Click dropdown and choose Main Campus. This is the only choice for all colleges and is required.
  4. Term – Choose the quarter for which you are applying
  5. Academic Program – Choose Academic if you are seeking a degree; Non-Award Seeking if you don’t intend to get a degree or certificate, Professional Technical if you plan to get a degree or certificate in a prof/tech field such as nursing, welding, accounting, business administration; or Transitional Studies if your coursework will be at the pre-college level, such as High School Diploma/Equivalency, English as a Second Language, or basic reading/writing/math skills. If you are unsure, choose the one you think most applies.
  6. Admit Type – Choose First Year if it is the first year you are attending college; International if you will be attending as an International Student, Reapplying if you are returning to the college after a year or more absence; Running Start if you are a high school student and applying to Running Start; or Transfer if you have attended college in the past and have credits to transfer in.
  7. Academic Plan – Choose the academic area that most closely fits your goals. You can change this later once you register.
  8. Academic Sub-Plan – Disregard this field
  9. Click Continue
  10. You will then get this screen and you can start the application process for your chosen college
  11. image of screen shot listing application id, institution etc. and questions
  12. Check the boxes that apply and click Continue
  13. Click on “Bio-Demo” at far right (your personal and contact information)
  14. You will come to the screen with your personal information. You are only required to fill out the boxes with an asterisk (*). You entered most of this information earlier, so you will see it here. Check that your email and address are correct.
  15. Fill in Citizenship Information. (doesn’t apply to Running Start applicants)
  16. Save (If you’ve completed all required fields, you will see a green check next to Bio-Demo in the box to the right image of green checkmark and text bio-demo information and you can move on to the next required area.
  17. Click on High School/College link at right
  18. Click the Find My School link Enter at least 3 characters of the school name.
  19. Click “Search”
  20. Click on the number next to your school. If your school isn't listed click the cancel button and enter your school information in the fields.
  21. Enter Attended From and To dates (Hint: Year, Month and Day are required. If you don’t know the exact day, something close is fine).
  22. Click the drop down to enter the highest level of completion.
  23. College section is not required. You may choose to enter previous college information if you’ve attended one in the past
  24. Click Save
  25. You should see a green check mark next to the High School/College link at top, right
  26. Click the Residency link if one appears at far right.
  27. Answer Residency questions as prompted
  28. Click Save
  29. OptionalUpload Documents – If you’d like to upload some documents with your application and you see the Upload Documents link on the Online Admissions Application page, follow these steps:
    1. Click “Upload Documents”
    2. Choose document type on the drop-down at far left. Choose the one that best fits the document you are about to attach.
    3. Provide brief description in the Description box. (30 character limit)
    4. Choose “Browse”. Click browse again in the popup box, then browse to a document on your computer, then “open” then “upload”
    5. Only .doc, .pdf or .txt are allowed
    6. If you have more to upload, click the ‘add’ button and repeat the process.
    7. Press Save when complete
  30. If you have all Green Check marks or Optional Yellow Triangle marks in top right box, you may move on.
  31. To submit this application, click Return to Main Menu
  32. Click Submit Application at bottom center
  33. Click box to Accept Certification Statement
  34. Payment Information – If the college you are applying to requires an application fee, you will get this screen to pay your fee. Once you’ve paid (or if no fee is required), you will get an “Application submitted successfully” message at the bottom right above “Return to Main Menu”
  35. Press Return to Main Menu to Print your Application, Review your Application Summary; or submit a new Application to another college. You will get an email confirming your application.