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Undocumented Students

Financial Aid for Undocumented Students/DREAMers

Washington state allows undocumented students to apply for state financial aid, called the State Need Grant. If you are an undocumented student, you'll need to fill out the WASFA rather than the FAFSA. (WASFA stands for "Washington Application for State Financial Aid.")

Your college financial aid office can help guide you through the process.


To qualify, undocumented students must meet the State Need Grant eligibility requirements and satisfy the following residency requirements:

  1. Have graduated from a Washington high school or obtained the equivalent of a diploma (for example, the GED®).
  2. Have lived in Washington for three calendar years (36 months) prior to, and continuously since, earning the high school diploma or equivalent.
  3. Signed and submitted an HB 1079 affidavit  (written promise) to file an application to become a permanent resident of the United States when eligible to apply.

Students granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) must also meet all the eligibility requirements listed above.

Real Hope Act

Certain undocumented students in Washington state have the right to attend public colleges and universities — and may qualify for certain state-funded financial aid programs — through the REAL Hope Act.

The law, also called the Washington Dream Act, was signed into law in 2014.

Find out if you are eligible at

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