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Board Responsibilities

The nine members of the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges are appointed to four-year terms by the governor with the consent of the Senate. In making appointments, the governor is required to consider geographic balance and the representation of labor, business, women, and racial and ethnic minorities. At least one member of the Board must be from business and one from labor. Two must be from Eastern Washington. Board members must be citizens and residents of the state.

Responsibilities include:

  • Prepare a single system operating budget request and capital budget request for consideration by the Legislature.
  • Disburse capital and operating funds appropriated by the Legislature to the college districts.
  • Ensure that each college maintains an open door policy and offers the educational, training, and service programs specified by law.
  • Administer criteria for establishment of new colleges and for the modification of district boundary lines.
  • Establish minimum standards for the operation of community and technical colleges with respect to personnel qualifications, budgeting, accounting, auditing, curriculum content, degree requirements, admission policies, and the eligibility of courses for state support.
  • Prepare a comprehensive master plan for community and technical college education.
  • Encourage innovation, coordinate research and disseminate research findings.

Board Member Profiles

Learn more about our State Board members.

Board Goals

The State Board develops a guiding vision, principles, goals and action plan for the system of 34 community and technical colleges.

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