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State Board Policy Focus

Policies Turn Board Goals Into Action

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges’ goals for 2016–17 seek to raise educational attainment, open more doors to college education — particularly for Washington’s fast-growing adult population — and build upon our tradition of excellence. To turn those goals into action, the State Board has adopted the following policy focus areas.

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  • Goal: Review and update Mission Study goals to align with statewide attainment goals and the state’s education and job skills needs.
    Measure of Success: development of relevant data supporting our role and contribution to Washington state’s economy.
  • Goal: Adopt a system-wide approach to partner on how to increase faculty and staff salaries and to assess and identify an optimal faculty mix.
    Measure of Success: accord ongoing to the Legislature in 2015, with a goal of increasing salaries and seeking funding for converting part-time faculty positions to full-time.
  • Goal: Increase communication and partnerships across the community and technical college system including faculty, students, and staff, business, labor, K-12, four-year institutions and other stakeholders to further the goals and mission.
    Measure of Success: stakeholder participation in board meetings and the development of: a) legislative agenda and budget proposals; b) communication plans; and c) decisions on policy initiatives impacting colleges.
  • Goal: Export our system’s best practices in a national context to understand and advance the national dialogue on community and technical colleges.
    Measure of Success = more recognition of our great programs.

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  • Goal: Advocate for adequate state funding and minimize tuition increases for students. 
    Measure of Success:
    increased funding resulting in no need for tuition increases.
  • Goal: Adopt an allocation model that increases student success and ensures access to low-income, basic education, English language, and academic and job skills students.
    Measure of Success: allocation model implemented by the 2016 academic year. 

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  • Goal: Align curriculum to support successful student transitions from high school to higher education without remediation.
    Measure of Success: agreement on using the Smarter Balanced Assessment for college placement.
  • Goal: Apply best practices learned from developing and implementing the system’s aerospace training programs to healthcare and other industries. 
    Measure of Success: legislative support and funding for development and implementation of programs similar to the aerospace program. 

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Board Member Profiles

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Board Goals

The State Board develops a guiding vision, principles, goals and action plan for the system of 34 community and technical colleges.

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