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I am an International Student

What You Need to Know

If you are an international student, welcome to Washington state! International students from around the world have discovered that our colleges are a great deal. You will save money, improve your English language skills, and learn what it's like to study in the United States.
You can train for a career right away, or take classes that transfer to Washington state's excellent four-year universities.
Our colleges are two-year colleges, but many also offer applied bachelor's degrees for specific career fields.

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International students pay the non-resident tuition rate, plus any additional fees charged by the college. The cost will be far less than enrolling right away in a four-year university. Contact the college you are interested in for more information.

Our colleges offer English as second language courses that are taught in an English speaking environment. Contact the college you are interested in for more information.

Our colleges offer international orientation programs. Academic advisors can help you choose the right programs for your goals.

Your college's international student programs office can help you find the housing that's right for you.

  • On-campus Several colleges offer on-campus student housing in dormitories or shared apartments. 
  • Homestay Colleges can help arrange a homestay so you can live with an American family and share customs and culture.
  • Off-campus – Many colleges can direct you to housing near campus.

Yes, but make sure you earn a two-year transfer degree from one of our colleges first.

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