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SBCTC Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Equity Plan

SBCTC Agency Equity Efforts

In addition to the system's strategic plan, the EDI Office adopted an internal 2022-2024 Equity Plan which includes 4 core priorities: 1) every hire matters; 2) cultivating a cultural climate; 3) ensuring lifelong learning; and 4) system alignment.

Our Equity Plan includes activities specifically tailored at mitigating biases within our hiring processes from recruitment through selection and retention; assessing the agency's cultural climate for any gaps and potential growth areas; supporting and scaling antiracist training opportunities; and aligning with the equity efforts of the broader college system.

The Equity Plan was set in motion in January 2022 and includes offering equity learning opportunities throughout the year, conducting a full scale climate assessment, establishing support for professional development of employees, and integrating a racial equity review tool.

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Goal: Examine the employee lifecycle (recruiting, interviewing, selection, onboarding, retention, exit) and employ strategies to address racial diversity within the agency.

Task 1: Examine hiring data related to this area.

Task 2: Implement required implicit bias CANVAS training for interview committees.

Task 3: Review employee professional development plan/annual evaluation to include EDI components/training.

Goal: Research and analyze the cultural climate of the agency.

Task 1: Explore, select, and implement a climate assessment tool.

Task 2: Use survey results to inform professional development and agency equity plan.

Goal: Establish professional development series to address gaps in knowledge and experience of issues related to equity and inclusion. Partner and align with college system practitioners to provide training or consultancy for the agency. Focus on skill building and professional challenges of staff. Equity in policy throughout agency.

Task 1: Propose an agency-adopted equity rubric/equitable decision-making tool to be used by all departments to conduct audits for access, policies, and practices. Provide training on the rubric/tool.

Task 2: Create an equity training series for all agency staff (quarterly and monthly); ensure that all staff attend at least three per year. Track participation/engagement levels.

Task 3: Provide equity consultations and support for SBCTC equity initiatives, plans, etc.

Task 4: Sponsor individuals to attend Social Justice Leadership Institute (SJLI), Administrators of Color (AOC) mentoring, Faculty and Staff of Color conference (FSOCC), Northwest Regional Equity conference (NWREC).

Goal: Support the integration of the SBCTC mission and values within the broader agency. Alignment with equity-minded developments across the state system.

Task 1: Consider establishing a system-wide DEI group (students, staff, faculty, administrators of color, leads from mentoring programs, Higher Education Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (HE DEI) collaborative group); create a common space for leaders and practitioners to consider collaboration and partnership.

Task 2: Maintain external web pages (includes resource banks, resources, guidance, etc.).

Task 3: Collaborate across SBCTC divisional areas to advance equity initiatives (i.e. Tribal Relations, Student Success, Student Services, BEdA, etc.)

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