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North Seattle College | Field Guide 2023

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Over its rich, 52-year history, North Seattle College has solidified itself as one of the top transfer colleges in Washington and continually evolves to meet regional industry needs — including by offering six bachelor’s degrees and 60-plus professional-technical degrees and certificates that lead to competitive careers for our graduates.

With affordable and accessible programs, North Seattle College is primed to help people of all ages and backgrounds thrive with better jobs and new opportunities. Strong academic preparation and advising services, small classes, an innovative integrated studies program, broad e-learning options, and partnerships with four-year schools contribute to our students’ success.

Key Facts

Highest Enrolled Programs

  • Academic Transfer (AA, AS)
  • Parent Education
  • English as a Second Language
  • Early Childhood Education (AAS, BAS)*
  • Business
  • Science

*Bachelor of Applied Science


  • Headcount (all sources): 10,731
  • FTES (all sources): 3,516
  • Headcount (state-funded): 7,550
  • FTES (state-funded): 2,943

Students in Selected Programs

  • Applied bachelor's: 512
  • Apprentices: 22
  • I-BEST: 254
  • International: 351
  • Running Start: 521
  • Worker Retraining: 363

Student Profile

Type of Student

  • Academic/transfer: 32%
  • Basic skills: 9%
  • Workforce education: 22%
  • Other: 37%


Students of color: 52%

  • American Indian/Alaska Native: 3%
  • Asian: 21%
  • Black/African American: 17%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 15%
  • Pacific Islander: 1%
  • White: 59%


  • Full-time: 28%
  • Part-time: 72%

Family and Finances

  • Students receiving need-based financial aid: 33%
  • Students with dependents: 35%


  • Female: 63%
  • Male: 37%

Median age


Points of Interest

Bachelor’s degree programs

North Seattle College now offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, along with five Bachelor of Applied Science degrees in Application Development,Early Childhood Education and the business programs Accounting with International AccountingInternational Business and Residential and Commercial Property Management

When compared to traditional bachelor’s programs, bachelor of applied science degrees more heavily incorporate hands-on learning, focused on a particular industry or discipline. Added bonuses are emphasis on internship opportunities, credit for prior learning and workplace experience. Students can also complete the degree program in six quarters with no summer classes required.

Strong transfer programs

While many graduates have continued their studies at such colleges as Dartmouth and UC Berkeley, most North students transfer to the University of Washington. In fact, North consistently ranks among the highest of all community colleges in the number of students who are accepted to the University of Washington’s main campus.

The strength of North’s transfer programs comes from our faculty’s dedication to student learning. Small class sizes and a smaller campus allow students to develop individual relationships with faculty and staff.

Northgate Light Rail & John Lewis Memorial Bridge

The Northgate Light Rail and John Lewis Memorial Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge make it easier for students to get to North Seattle College. The bridge spans from the northeast corner of the North Seattle College campus and connects to the Northgate Link Light Rail station. The light rail and bridge improve access to communities, services, and opportunities on the east and west sides of Interstate 5 in Northgate and Licton Springs, helping knit together a historically divided area.

Data is from the 2021-22 academic year. Reflects headcount unless otherwise noted.

*Students of color percent based on unduplicated headcount. Students may be counted in more than one race, so race/ethnicity percentages may not total 100%. Percentages calculated on reported value.

Acting Chancellor

Dr. Rosie Rimando-Chareunsap


Dr. Chemene Crawford


  • Louise Chernin, chair
  • Rosa Peralta, vice chair
  • Teresita Batayola
  • Colleen Echohawk
  • Brian Surrat

Year Founded


Service Area

Northeast and northwest Seattle, King County

Legislative Districts

11, 32, 33, 34, 36, 37, 43, 46

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