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Field Guide 2024

Lifting Lives, Communities and the Economy

To get a good job these days, people need education past high school. Washington's 34 community and technical colleges make it possible for people of all ages and backgrounds right in their local communities. Whether students are 16 or 60, urban or rural, right out of high school or working adults, our colleges prepare them for the next step up in life. 

Importantly, our students can choose from a variety of options that fit them best — whether they want to train for a specific career, transfer to a university, or learn a skilled trade — and our colleges will support them all the way.

The 2024 Field Guide features exceptional work underway at our local community and technical colleges on behalf of the 273,000 students we serve each year. Take a look to learn more about the life-changing work happening every day across Washington.

Check Out Our Colleges

At community and technical colleges, thousands of students get the skills and qualifications they need to land well-paying careers or transfer to universities for more study.

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