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Committee for Accessible Technology Oversight

The Committee for Accessible Technology Oversight (CATO) was formed in response to the approval of the State Board Accessible Technology Policy. CATO advises several SBCTC councils and commissions on matters of accessibility and technology, while supporting the creation of annual work plans and monitoring progress on their achievements. The committee is also responsible for making recommendations, establishing guidelines, and disseminating best practices for technology accessibility.

CATO Resource Library (webinars, publications, etc.)


CATO has representation from several of the councils and commissions at Washington's Community and Technical Colleges, as well as staff from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

CATO membership and contacts list.


If you have a question about accessible technology and policy that no one at your college is able to answer, we invite you to ask CATO.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your question to be answered. It is our goal to post answers to new questions every Thursday. Questions and answers will be posted to the website (all names and identifying information will be removed). You will be notified when a response to your question has been posted.

CATO will not answer technical questions about making content accessible. For such questions, please see the resources provided in the Resources menu.

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Accessibility FAQ Issue Brief

The Accessibility Issue Brief gives an overview of system accessibility efforts and policies, including:

  • Applicable policies and laws
  • What to do to comply with the policies and mitigate risk
  • How college presidents can support this work
  • Use of inaccessible tools and documents
  • What the SBCTC is contributing to this effort

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