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Strategic Technology Advisory Committee

The Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) serves as an advisory resource and coordinating body for the Washington Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC) presidents regarding system-wide technology planning, selection and investment decisions. This committee advises the WACTC Technology Committee (WACTC-Tech).


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STAC Charter (April 15, 2022)

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STAC is comprised of 25 voting members representing WACTC Commissions (16), SBCTC (6), and Standing Sub-Committees (3).

See STAC Member List.

Voting Members

WACTC Commissions (16)

Commissions may select their representatives. Each Commission can have two voting members on the STAC:

  • Business Affairs (BAC)
  • Diversity and Equity Officers (DEOC)
  • Human Resource Management (HRMC)
  • Information Technology (ITC)
  • Instruction (IC)
  • Public Information (PIC)
  • Research and Planning (RPC)
  • Student Services (WSSSC)


The SBCTC Chief Information Officer is a voting member (1) and may select up to five Subject Matter Experts from the SBCTC to be voting members, with consideration given to the following areas of expertise:

  • Accessibility
  • ctcLink Support
  • Data Governance
  • Educational Technology
  • Guided Pathways
  • IT Security

Standing subcommittee chairs or designees (3)

  • Committee for Accessible Technology Oversight (CATO)
  • Educational Technology Advisory Group (ETAG)
  • ctcLink College Collaboration Group 

Non-Voting Members

Ad hoc attendees may be invited to attend meetings and participate in work groups as needed.

Visit the Strategic Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) Overview page in the ctcLink Reference Center to learn more about STAC, including:

  • Structure, Membership & Scope of Responsibility
  • Voting Process
  • How Enhancement Requests Reach STAC
  • Appealing STAC Decisions
  • History of STAC (during ctcLink Implementation phase)

STAC Initiatives & Projects

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Efforts include, but are not limited to:




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