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Committee for Accessible Technology (CATO) Resource Library

CATO has been charged with supporting our colleges as they work to develop and implement accessible technology policies. This page contains resources and webinars produced/sponsored by CATO.

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Recent Accessible Technology Policies (Nov 9, 2016)

In this webinar Ryan Leisinger (WaTech), Wendy Wickstrom (WaTech), Mark Jenkins (SBCTC), and Jess Thompson (SBCTC) address the background, intent, and scope of both the State Board Accessible Technology policy and WaTech’s Policy 188.

After the webinar, participants were asked to complete a survey to find out how far along colleges were in appointing an IT Accessibility Coordinator.

Learning from University of Montana – Accessible Technology Policy Creation (Dec 7, 2016)

Janet Sedgley, University of Montana’s Manager of Accessible Technology Services, will join us to discuss the process by which UM developed what has been considered one of the most comprehensive and model policies for accessible technology.  This will be a fantastic opportunity for those working on developing policy and procedures to hear from someone that has been in that very position – and made it out alive!

After the webinar, participants were surveyed on the progress that their institution had made in crafting a policy for accessible technology.

Policy Ingredients - a collection of example policy language
Policy Template - a template based off of University of Montana’s policy and procedures

Register for Accessibility 101: The Basics of Inclusive Design

This 3-week, free, online, asynchronous course is designed for faculty and staff who want to learn simple and quick steps to make materials accessible for people with disabilities and better for all users. Participants do not need to be tech savvy to take this course, but familiarity with MS Office applications and Canvas will be important. Participants will be introduced to basic accessibility concepts, practices, and inclusive design standards. The time commitment for this course is approximately 20 hours.

Accessibility 101 Lessons  - lessons and resources from Accessibility 101 (for quick reference).

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