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Transfer Tips

Tips for Transferring to a University

  • Earn your two-year transfer degree before you transfer. That way, your credits will transfer smoothly, as a package.
  • If you choose to transfer before earning a transfer degree, be sure to talk to the admissions people at the college you want to attend. They may evaluate your transcript course-by-course. They can help you match the courses you took to the requirements of the university. Hint: the fewer the credits you have when you apply to transfer, the more the university will look at your high school record.
  • If you apply to the University of Washington, make sure you apply for a specific major at the same time. Competitive majors have their own admission requirements.
  • Meet with your transfer advisor regularly. Our colleges each have an advising center or transfer center for resources, workshops and events.
  • Connect with the four-year colleges or universities you plan to attend to make sure you have the latest requirements. All of them have orientation sessions for transfer students.
  • Follow the degree plan carefully. Pay attention to required course sequencing and cumulative grade point average requirements for the program you want.

Course Equivalency Guides

Course Equivalency Guides can help you understand which classes you take at a community or technical college transfer or count toward credit at the four-year college or university you plan to attend.

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