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Different Ways to Learn

Community and technical colleges offer classes during the day, in the evening and online. So, whether you're holding down a job, taking care of family members or volunteering in the community, you'll find a variety of options to attend college.

Traditional Courses

Most people are familiar with traditional face-to-face classes. Students and instructors meet together for a certain number of hours, in a classroom and on a regular weekly schedule.

Online Courses

Online courses are completed fully online. Students can take an online course when and where they choose. Instructors give assignments and due dates throughout the quarter to keep students on track. In some cases, students are required to interact with each other and the teacher online for a certain number of times during the week or quarter. Some online courses are entirely self-paced.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses combine face-to-face classroom time with online instruction. Students in a hybrid course come to campus at scheduled times and meet face-to-face with instructors and fellow students. Many class activities are conducted online, including course work assignments, discussions and group projects.

Getting Started Online

Some students find hybrid/online classes more challenging than face-to-face classes. 

If you've ever wondered if you would be successful at online learning - take a short "Is online learning for me" quiz.

Online Workload

Students can expect to spend at least the same amount of time or more in an online or hybrid course as they would in a traditional/face-to-face course.

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