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Deployment Group 2 Go-Live Timing Announced

July 20, 2018 by ctcLink Communications

During the ctcLink Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, the group approved a late October 2019 go-live date for Deployment Group 2 (DG2).

As a first next-step, the ctcLink Project team will work with payroll operations teams to:

  • Establish the specific date based on payroll processing dates.
  • Plan for implementing the new Chart of Accounts in July 2019.

A little background

DG2 was originally set to start in late January 2018, with a go-live date of January/February 2019. Instead, due to delays in investment plan approval, the cloud migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and project staffing challenges, DG2 started in May 2018.

In general, timelines were planned for 12 months per deployment group. This change means DG2 will last for 17 months and overlap extensively with Deployment Group 3 (DG3).

Increased overlap between DG2 and DG3 leads to significant risk to complete activities (as well as project resource constraints) so the Steering Committee and various stakeholder groups have been in discussion over the last two months to consider options to reduce risk.

Possible go-live date options discussed were May, July and October 2019.

The Steering Committee reviewed three different options to mitigate resource constraints, each with a cost ranging from $1.5 million to $3.2 million.

The committee voted to extend all contractors to October 2019 (originally May 2019) and selected contractors to February 2020 at a cost of $2.4 million. Because the ctcLink Project is currently running under budget, it is anticipated the contractor extensions will be absorbed without using contingency funds or additional budget.

Read more about DG2 and other deployment group timelines.

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